How Is Hemingway's Life Reflected In A Farewell To Arms

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Did you know that probing the literary works of tortured genius writers not only reveals the underlying motivations that spurred the beauty of their works but also help to lend an understanding to the intrigues and controversies that surrounded their lives?
For instance, has it occurred to you that Ernest Hemingway’s life experiences amounted to the hallmark of writing themes and styles? The first woman who he wanted to marry during the First World War named Agnes von Kurowsky, left him for another man later on; left Hemingway quite a devastated man. Ironically, it was this devastated feeling that triggered him to write one of his most famous novels A Farewell to Arms. One of the main characters in this novel, Catherine Barkley was inspired by Agnes and the stories were based on his wartime experience. Consequently, this novel was published in
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Hemingway’s life was an extremely aggressive one that involved risk-taking sportsmanship. In addition to his writing, he was merely seeking for a way for coping with the numerous suffering that came with his interrelated psychiatric disorders. Hemingway used a variety of self-mechanisms such as self-medication to treat his alcohol addiction. Nevertheless, the effort of self-prescribing his exceeding psychological disorders ultimately led him to be mentally collapsed and made tragic ending in his life just as his main characters of his own writings. He ironically became one of the most successful writers in history because he had numerous experience of overcoming himself from suffering horrendous environment and psychological disorders. For those who deeply care about their self-transcendence and become excellent at their fields, we are going to define them as ERNESTs, and there is no way even to begin the horrifying discussion without this highly colloquial term
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