The Handmaid Personal Narrative

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Nick I remember the day I lost all hope in humanity. It was a humid day as I walked past the wall and saw them hanging. Something inside me doesn’t want to believe, but I know it was my mother on the wall. When I first became a guardian I had a dream of finding my mom and escaping this god forsaken place. That dream is now dead and I have no reason to continue living this life. A few weeks passed after that incident and I began contemplating ways to kill myself. The only reason I hadn’t yet was because I didn’t want my mother to think poorly of me in heaven. Then the day came when a new handmaid was delivered to my commander. There was something about her that gave me hope. The way she carried herself and how beautiful she was. I never saw much of her but what I did amazed me. This girl wasn’t broken yet. and I didn’t want to see what happened to our last handmaid, to happen to her as well. My new mission in life wasn’t contemplating suicide, but trying to help Offred escape. Escaping Gilead…show more content…
I had to agree to help him, but last time this happened we lost a handmaid . Every so often I would get the word to signal her to his room and every time I got it my stomach dropped. I had no idea what perverted things he did to her in that room and I couldn’t stop it. If I told on him she would be the one getting in the most trouble. For now, I am going to pray that she is strong enough to endure the commanderscommanders’ needs and wishes. Serena came up to me and asked of a favor the other dayearlier today. It’s not rare to be asked favors by the commanders’ wife, but this one seemed different. She told me to be in my room at a certain time tonight and not be startled by what’s going to happen. This doesn’t sound good to me, most of her favors involve spying on the commander or getting a certain type of cigarette carton. The rest of the day had me guessing who was going to show up in my room that

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