The Handmaiden Analysis

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9 reasons why "The Handmaiden" is Park Chan-wook 's best film since "Oldboy"
Park Chan-wook 's return to S. Korea from Hollywood, where he directed "Stoker", also signaled his return to masterpieces, with "The Handmaiden" reaching the standards of his best films, like "Oldboy". His pass from Hollywood did not have the same success his previous works had; however, Park seems to have implemented the aesthetics usually associated with American films in "The Handmaiden."
In the process, he has created a completely new amalgam, which seems to have taken the best from his unique style and Hollywood aesthetics, particularly regarding maximalism in terms of image and dialogue. The outcome is magnificent, a truly impressive film in all aspects. The awards it has already received from festivals and competitions all around the world is a testament to the fact.
Here are 9 reasons that explain why "The Handmaiden" is a masterpiece.
Please take caution, before reading, because the list contains many spoilers.
1. Intricate script with many plot twists
The script is based on the novel “Fingersmith” by Sarah Waters and takes place in Korea of the 1930s, with the country under Japanese rule. Con man “Count” Fujiwara has managed to insert himself into the very secluded circle of Kouzuki, an eccentric hedonist who has become the man in charge of a very large estate, and plans to marry his niece, Lady Hideko, the actual heiress of the family’s vast fortune.
Fujiwara devices an intricate plan to
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