The Handmaid's Tale, By Margaret Atwood

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Thesis: Atwood alerts us that it is important to remember who you are. We have all heard our parents tell us to never forget who we are, but many of us don’t know the true meaning of remembering who we are. Does it mean to remember where we came from? Or where were going? Or remember what we have been taught? Remembering who you are means all of these things. In the book, The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood, the author alerts us that it is important to remember who you are.
It is important to remember who you are because it helps you understand yourself better. Atwood shows this when the narrator, Offred, is taking a bath and remembers that she used to display herself in bikinis, but now she doesn’t want to look at her body (63). Instead of wanting to be aware of her body, she avoids looking at herself because she does not want to remember her lost freedom. Understanding yourself is important, because understanding the world around you starts with being aware of how you view the world. In turn, remembering who you are will help you be aware of your life habits and will help you to improve on those habits. Understanding yourself also means paying attention to your emotions, which will help you understand why you do the things you do. Another benefit of understanding yourself is the more self- aware you are, the better you are at adapting to changes that will better your life. Overall remembering who you are can benefit your life in many ways.
Remembering who you are

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