The Handmaid's Tale In 1984 By Margaret Atwood

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If someone handed you a book containing your future would you read it from beginning to end? 1984 by George Orwell did just that by writing a book about a year well before its time, he used language, and to grab its reader attention. He is not the only author to use this style of writing however. Margaret Atwood wrote a similar dystopian by the name of The handmaid 's tale. Although both novels are about a dystopian showing corrupt societies both use different ways to represent the same idea one surpasses the other. The novel 1984 is the dystopian tale of the century it contains literary merit that is still being recognized to this day despite being written over 50 years ago. Authors use dystopian literature as a way to speak up and criticize the world they live in. It shows the reader how the idea of a perfect world is not obtainable and how it can always take a turn for the worst. In both novels we dive deep into one main or central character 's life and explore their journey through their society. At one point we see the novel 1984 take us further in and explain to us a distinctive language they were implementing into their society. This causes the reader to gain a greater understanding and more in depth look into their world. Unlike 1984 the handmaid 's tale does the opposite by not giving us all those details thus making it lack.This is done in the novel 1984 through using newspeak or ‘oldspeak’ a reduced version of today 's standard english implemented by the
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