The Handmaid's Tale Summary

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3.Topic sentence: The two dystopian states resort to a totalitarianism government in order to maintain some facade of control, which was lost with the ability of reproduction. POINT: The republic of Gilead acts as a totalitarian society where the citizens are controlled by the population. The people are denied information, what little media they have is censored and monitored by Guardians or Eyes, men whose job it is to spy on other members of society. This was all done in order to ensure that there is no rebellion, otherwise women might choose to not reproduce. PROOF: In chapter fifteen Offred says “It is an incendiary device: who knows what we 'd make of it, if we ever got our hands on it?" (98), the “it” referring to the Bible. COMMENT:…show more content…
While at a superficial levels their societies differ, both reflect the collapse of civilization by an infertility epidemic. Review the key point (from your blueprint) 1. In an attempt to protect the Caucasian race from extinction and increase security, the governments in The Handmaid’s Tale and Children of Men resort to xenophobic actions. The two nations increase border security and provide harsh treatment towards any immigrants. 2. The nations develop a hierarchy and extreme class divisions as a response to the drive for resources caused by the infertility epidemic. Government officials, predominately males, rank highest in both societies and receive luxuries and power. The lowest ranking citizens are mistreated, controlled, and provided with only the bare minimums. 3. The states resort to totalitarianism to maintain some facade of control in their lives, which was lost with the ability of reproduction. Restricting information and leaving people ignorant is what allows the two nations to gain control over its citizens. Clincher/universality/recommendation/prediction, etc. end with a thought provoking idea related to the topic in a general and broad sense (similar to
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