The Harapan Civilization Of The Hararappan Culture

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The name ‘India’ is derived from the river ‘Indus’. ‘India’ means the land of ‘Indus’. The first Aaryan settlers in India called the Indus the Sindhu (a huge sheet of water). In 518 BC the Persian emperor Darius – I conquered the land around Indus and turned it into a Persian province. So, (taken from Indian history by k.krishna Reddy). Persians found difficult to spell SINDHU so they named it as HINDU . Later that passed in the hands of Greeks and Hindu became Indus. Thus India came to mean the land of Indus. Persian’s name turned in the form of ‘Hindustan’ (land of the Hindu). The people who live in the land came to be known as ‘Hindus’, their religion as ‘Hindustan’. Till third decade of 20th century no one knows about Indus Valley Civilization. But in 1920’s the two ancient sites of Indus valley namely Harappa and Mohenjodaro brought into light a civilization which was called first as Indus valley civilization, later changed as Indus Civilization because more sites were found away from the actual river valley. It also called the ‘Harappan Civilization’, because its first discovered site is Harappa. This civilization extends from Shortughai in Afghanistan to southern part of Gujarat, and from Sutkagendor in Makran coast of Alamgiripur (to the east of Delhi). (taken from Indian history by k.krishna Reddy) It’s covered area is almost larger than the present size of Pakistan. It marks the first urbanized civilization in the sub

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