The Hardships Narrated In Enrique's Journey

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Everyday people from all walks of life leave the familiar behind and immigrate to places that are not so familiar. Along their journey, they are confronted with expected and unexpected trials and tribulations. Often immigrants risk life and limb searching for family members. In search of a better life, they endure unimaginable hardships. While students going to college are safeguarded from most of the hardships faced by Enrique during his journey, there is a parallel in the motivations for going, the possibility of something better. They are trying to improve their situation and make themselves better in the process. They strive for a better career and life in general, just like Enrique and other immigrants. Enrique wanted to find his mother who had moved to America without him years earlier. She was searching for a better life for him. However, she never came back for him and eventually she stopped calling. He was not doing well. He was plagued by a drug addiction and was losing the people that loved and cared for him. His uncle tried to do everything he could to help Enrique. Unfortunately, the uncle was robbed and murdered. His aunt threw him out. The girl he loved was being told to find someone better because he had nothing to offer her. His town was run by criminals,…show more content…
They seek to gain knowledge, to be exposed to ideas and philosophies that will enhance their lives. One of the main reasons to obtain a college education is the hope of using it to find a job that will enable them to live a comfortable life with a financially secured future. Some students go with the hope of meeting that one special person who will always care for them. Some students go to college so that they can move up in life. If they work hard and strive for improvement every day, hopefully, they can have a better life than their
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