The Hardships Of A Slave: Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass

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“The Hardships of a Slave” The autobiography Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave depicted the life of a slave during the 1800’s. Not only did it explain the life of Frederick Douglass, but also, the life of his family and friends around him. It showed the true severe and harsh treatment of African Americans during this time. Around this time, being an African American meant you were treated as less than human, property, an animal. Slaves were pushed and chastised simply because of the color of their skin, something they had no control over. This book gave no limitations to the image of how slaves were treated. It showed in great detail how they were beaten and tortured by their masters and the white men around them. The details depicted in this story will teach you just how hard it was to have darker skin in the 1800’s. In Douglass’ life as a slave, he endured a lot of suffering from slaveholders, overseers, and slave mistresses. Slaveholders were the owners of the slaves. They were classified into two different categories, the poor and the wealthy. Wealthy slaveholders owned many slaves and would sell and trade them with other slave holders for profit. Poor slaveholders were looked down on and did things such as getting female slaves just to breed them. They knew the slaves getting pregnant and having kids would enhance their wealth. Whether they were poor or wealthy, slaveholders were malicious towards the slave. Slaves were beaten, tortured and
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