The Harlem Dancer Analysis

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McKay and Shakespeare When it comes to McKay, and especially Shakespeare, the reader must have a dictionary nearby to look up some phrases to have a full true understanding of the reading. Although both poems exhibit some hard to understand phrases and words, to me both poems seem to have a pretty clear meaning. Even though the two poems were published nearly two hundred years apart, they both express the main topic. A topic, that mains purpose is to describe someone. Both poems are form the authors point of view, The Harlem Dancer, is from the point of view of an individual at a nightclub that describes the women dancing. The poem starts and continues throughout the poem, until the end, with a happy tone. The first word and line of the poem, the reader is greeted with “APPLAUDING youths laughed” (line 1). This leaves the reader to believe that the characters of the poem are having a good and enjoyable time. This carries out when the author describes the dancer, “Her voice was like the sound of blended flutes” (line 3). This again is keeping with the happy tone. The author is telling the reader that the dancer has a beautiful voice, and is overall very talented in what she does. There is also
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