The Harlot's Progress Analysis

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Hogarth created the Harlot’s progress, which became famous. This forced him to create the Rake’s progress. The Harlot 's progress contains six paintings, which were successful to an extent that Hogarth followed them up by creating the Rake’s progress. The prints depict the life of a young woman who becomes a prostitute after going to London. However. She dies at the age of 23. On the other hand, Rake’s progress depicts his venture into commercial art and his strong morals. This paper compares the two tales and the information they represent.
In his progresses, he talks about two different people. He talks about the male figure in one progress and the female figure in another progress. For instance, Harlot’s progress talks about a young woman who came to London to become a prostitute. This series involves the painting, which was worked on from the third picture. In this, Hogarth had the intent of creating the woman’s earlier and later life scenes. This is shown progressively from how she was admired and how she died. On the other hand, the Rake’s progress contains eight plates, which depict the fall of a rich man’s son who was a spendthrift. The plates show progressively how the young man lived his life. Here, this progress shows how Tom came to London and wasted the money that was entrusted to him by his father. He spends the money on luxury, gambling, and prostitution. However, his life does not end well as he is later imprisoned and then hospitalized. The similarities in
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