The Harmful Effects Of Hurricane Katrina

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' 'Millions of lives were changed in a day by a cruel and wonderful storm ' '- Gorge W. Bush" On August 29, 2005 at 6:10am one of the most deadliest storm came in. Hurricane Katrina has formed over the Bahamas and continued across southern parts of Louisiana & Mississippi. The winds were 100-400 miles per hour. Ten thousand people waited for the storm to pass at home. Many people were effective by this terrible storm on this day.

Did you know that Hurricane Katrina is one of the five most deadliest hurricanes that ever hit the U.S?The average elevation is about 6 feet below sea level. The winds average from 100-400 miles per hour. More than half of the people in Hurricane Katrina were senior citizens. More than 500 people died in

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