The Harsh Consequences Of Antigone's Actions Of Creon

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Antigone and the city’s rights are not made fairly and obeyed equally by all people. Creon uses his power to make choices that put him above everyone. Antigone’s rights and fate depends on Creon’s actions and proclamation. In Sophocles Antigone, Antigone faces harsh consequences for her actions throughout the story.. Why is Antigone going to lose her life? Why is Antigone not being supported by the people of her city? Why don’t people want to step up and stand up to Creon like Antigone? Antigone does all she can for the city and her brother and it causes her life to be at risk. Antigone’s shocking actions against the proclamation are disrespectful to Creon’s ruling leading to her tragic death. Antigone focuses to strongly on the gods over the king’s power. Antigone’s…show more content…
Antigone is willing to suffer if it means she can honor her brother. Antigone will not suffer like her brother polyneices. Antigone is going to be killed due to her insubordination. ” Since my opinion has come round to this, i who bound her will untie her in person. I am afraid that it is best to live one’s life to the end observing the established laws.” Creon will do it himself and wants to be the one to have the power. Creon believes all lives are lived best if you follow the law. If you honor and follow Creon’s law you will live greatly.Antigone believes higher in the gods and only wants to be around people that

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