The Harvest Amy Hempel Analysis

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“Folklore does not just purvey the old codes of morality and behavior; it can also absorv newer ideas”(). In Amy Hempel’s “The Harvest” , the author tells a story using new elements about a story of woman accident. And the evet the happens to her after this accident. “The Havest” is a good story because she facts of her accident, she uses a great introduction and retells the story. Hempel also relate back to title, which it makes it clear why she chose that title.
Hempel begin her story with an introduction that is guaranteed to get the reader attention. She talk about how she almost dies. To keep the reader must be engage by the text or else they may not keep reading. I think by stating by this hook, she also is stating the main conflict
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By hampel using such great detail of throughout the entire stories makes the reader feel involve with main charactersWhen I was reading this story I could easily picture the eventwthat were occurred to the nameless character. She also explains little event with such as life of random people like the lawer and her neightbro. By Hampel using many details make it seen that main character was aware of its surroundings. She explain every event with detail that makes the story even more interested. Even the detail in first part of story are full of emotions even though they are not real. By using such great detail in the first part of the story, it thricks the reader in thinking that what she is telling is what really happen to her. In the beginning of the story she talks about what happen to her, “My blood was on the front of this man’s clothes.” Which the reader can imagine this scene really easily. She explains every event with great detailed thought the whole story.
The title of the story also makes this story a good story. I think that storyteller refer to title, “the Harvest” because she want it to make it clear why she chose that title instead of different title. The title would other wise would not make any sense, if Hempel would not have been constantly using it.Hampel questions, “Aren’t we all, I thought, somebody’s havest”(). She chose the title because she thinks that everyone is a “Havest” By repeatedly using the title thought the story can give a good sense of how why she chose that
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