The Hatchet Character Analysis

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Water toar through the glass, shards of metal ripping like paper, curling up into long, shiny tendrils. Glass shattered, water flooding through every crack. Blue, dark, deep water. Your lungs collapse as you gulp a single breathe before going down. Going into the unknown. Your launched from your seat, fabric tearing as your stuck in a heavy metal plane sinking to the bottom of a lake. A terrifying thing to imagine, a scene creating only fear and pain. Welcome to the Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen. The main conflict all starts with a single sentence: The plane is going down. Spoiler, Hatchet’s main character, Brain, survives. And so the adventure begins. Well, a nightmare describes his experience a little better. Stuck in the Canadian wilderness, Brain is shoved into a situation almost no one else must face. Survival of the fittest. So, he must learn. Adapt. Learning has its fair share of mistakes, regrets. But aha moments, sparks in one’s imagination, they all come along in the package. So, we 're here to talk about Brain’s aha moments. Moments that made-----or broke his survival. Survival is no frolic in the meadows. As Brain struggles through the long, hot days and cold, lonely nights, he learns through moment after moment techniques on how to survive. Throughout the novel, we learn how important fire becomes to Brian. How it keeps him alive, its glow the only thing Brian can trust, can use. Yet, his discovery of this life giving element was on accident. Purely thought of as

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