The Hatchet Summary

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Hatchet Brian Robeson is thirteen years old, he lives with his mother and father and is a single child in the family of three in New York Hampton. Brian's parents are going to get a divorce, which he knows why and calls it "The Secret." In the first part of the book we do not know what "The Secret" is, but as I got further in the book, it is that he is suspecting that his mother has cheated on his father with another man. He thinks it is a man named Jake in his mid forties, with blonde hair and towering height, he suspects this because he is silent for most of the rid to the airport, and he has seen his mom with Jake. When they got to the airport, Brian's mother gave him a hatchet so he could use it while he is in the woods. As the plane…show more content…
Brian through a his hatchet across the shelter. As he is throwing his hatchet he feels a lot of pain in his leg, he then realizes he has been struck by a porcupine. Once, Brian pulls the quills out of his leg, he starts to go back to sleep, once he is asleep he has a dream about his dad and his friend Terry. At the start of the dream, he sees his dad for a moment, but then he goes away, so he just sees Terry, and Terry shows him how to make a fire. As his time goes by living in the woods for weeks and months, he finally gets the chance, to go retrieve the survival pack from the plane. As he is trying to get the survival pack, he drops his hatchet and it drops to the bottom of the lake. Once he gets the hatchet back, and gets the survival pack, he goes back to land. While looking through the survival pack, he finds a match fishing kit, and a first aid kit, and a radio. He tries to see if anyone is on the radio, and he finds someone who was actually looking for him on the radio. As he looks up he sees a helicopter. One thing that I didn't like about Hatchet, was at the beginning and through the middle of the book the author just made Brian go back and think about what happened between his dad his mom and the divorce. It just made the book turn boring until there was action. Another thing that I didn't like was
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