The Hatchet: Survival In The Wild By Gary Paulsen

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Have you ever think about you are in the wild by alone? Then, what do you think about that? Most of people usually think that is impossible or terrible. However, main character of Hatchet survive in the wild by only hatchet. The book of Hatchet written by Gary Paulsen is a story about surviving in the wild as alone. Through his story, Gary Paulsen tells the readers that big courage need in every hard situation.

The story begins when the plane fell from virtue. While Brian Robeson, thirteen years old, is going to his father who divorced with his mother, The pilot in the plane died by a heart attack. Despite, he tried to put down the plane instead of the pilot, the plane made a emergency landing at one lake, located in the forest. He survived alone in the plane and efforted to survive by the hatchet that his mother gave to him before board the plane. He went forward lonely and hard fight by
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He found the hiding place what he protect from something while all the summer. He got to know how to make fire and how to eat something in wild such as rabbits, birds, fishes, fruits and the other thing. Also, He got to know how to hunt animals or plants, how to make equipment which is need in hunting animals and plants such as harpoon, bow, arrow and the other equipment, too. Then, he protected him from dangerous wild animals as though bear, skunk, deer, a porcupine, wolf and the other dangerous wild animals himself. During survive alone in the wild forest, he often thought bitter memory about home and mother who betrayed his father. He suffered pain that memory. One day, tornado suddenly strike area where he was surviving. He found broken the plane's tail in the lake because of the

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