The Hateful Eight Analysis

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“The Hateful Eight” is a western written by famous writer and director Quentin Tarantino taking place 4 to 12 years after the Civil War. The script begins by showing a black union soldier known as Major Marquis Warren riding on a horse in an effort to get three dead bodies to the town of Red Rock where he can exchange them for a bounty. As snow pours down it becomes apparent there is a blizzard coming, Warren hurries only to find a carriage coming along, he hurries to the rider and asks if he can come in as he realizes he won’t be able to make it to Red Rock through a blizzard. The rider informs him that the people inside the carriage have paid him handsomely for a private ride and to ask them if he may join. As Warren pulls up to the side he is met with a gun. Inside the carriage is a hefty man known as John Ruth, a fellow bounty hunter, who is also transporting a bounty to Red Rock to collect, only John Ruth’s bounty is alive. Daisy Domergue is a wanted fugitive for murder and gang activity. Ruth allows Warren inside on the condition that he hand over his gun and informs him that they are going to Minnie’s Haberdashery, an inn, to wait out the blizzard before proceeding to Red Rock. As they drive along, another man, former Confederate militia member Chris Mannix claims to be the new sheriff of Red Rock, lost in the snow after putting his horse down and needs to make it to the town before he dies in the blizzard. Ruth rearms Warren and allows Mannix on the carriage, shortly
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