The Haunted Church Research Paper

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The Haunted Church Joppa Baptist Church is a church that I had passed by for ten years daily on my way to school. All my life, I had heard of the hauntings and stories of my friends that would send cold chills down your back about this “haunted church” called Joppa. I still couldn’t believe that ghosts would haunt a church, that was until I had my own experience at Joppa. I believe ghosts are real because of my experience at Joppa. Joppa was a local church that was well known in Edmonson County for being haunted. Edmonson county was a small town with not a lot to do, therefore you would have to go out of the county to find something to do. One way to go out of the county was through Mammoth Cave National Park which was were Joppa was located. With that said,…show more content…
I walked up toward the pull pit where the preachers stand was and the pages in the bible, turned back and forth. Once the pages in the bible started turning, everyone was ready to go so we all ran back out to the vehicle as fast as we could go. I ran out of there so fast that I stumbled across the yard trying to hurry to get out of there. It felt as if someone had pushed me across the entire yard as if someone was telling us to leave. Once I finally get into the truck and put the truck in drive, the truck stalls. It took several tries but finally the truck comes on and I stomp on the gas and get out of there as fast I can. I never went back in the church but every time that I would pass by Joppa I would feel the most uneasy feeling like someone was telling me to stay away. Since then I have heard many people tell their stories and experiences with Joppa. I don’t feel that any of their stories matches my own experience with the ghost there. I still would not believe in ghosts not matter how many stories I had heard, had I not had the experience that I did. I believe ghost are real because of my
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