The Haunted House Project Analysis

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Living In a Waiting Room The theme "new experiences reside in a waiting room" is present in The Haunted House Project by Trisha Clasen, and in people's everyday lives. People can connect to Andie, the main character, as she realizes that waiting is a huge part of life. As Andie hopes for emotional recovery in her family, people hope that all of their wants become reality. What's disappointing is some experiences prolong enough that one may not realize a change. Andie faces disappointment after her first few attempts to haunt her house fail. One way people can avoid disappointment is to make memories such as videos, and pictures that will last forever. Although the outcome may not go as planned, one should never give up. People should…show more content…
War is an ongoing problem throughout the world (Kurtzleben). Like Andie risks losing her family, soldiers put their lives on the line for others freedom everyday (Kurtzleben). The families they leave behind desperately wait for their return. Andie's mother who passes away writes in her diary, "What would someone want to hear if they lost a loved one too soon? Is it ever too soon? (Rhetorical question)" (Clasen 111). After reading this, Andie realizes her mom left to early, and she is not prepared to take care of herself now. Military families often lose loved ones to soon. They suffer through the pain of not being able to hear their loved ones voice, or see their face for the last time (pathos). Death always seems to come at the wrong time, but like Andie, one must wait patiently for life to get back on track. While The Haunted House Project proves that new experiences reside in waiting rooms, life proves to be the perfect waiting room. Like Andie wishes for a different turn out in life, people long for a good outcome in life. While wishing fro change, Andie realizes photography helps one remember the good outcomes in life. Andie teaches people that hope gives people a purpose for waiting. Since our lives revolve around time, waiting is unavoidable. Like Andie, we must wait with hope that good things will come out of
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