The Haunted House Short Story

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If reading this story was a pain in the neck And you think this story sucks Remember . . . It’s a vampire story! THE PROMISE SECTION ONE - (First Couple) Introduction A promise was made by a couple in love - though, their commitment to one another faded over time. They said they would stay true to each other while they were apart. Although, when they parted from each other, they both found someone else. The promise? It was to always be there. SECTION TWO - (Second Couple) Chapter 1 - The Campfire The story begins like this: It’s Halloween night. A boy and a girl are sitting around a campfire roasting marshmellows and eating pizza. “Tell me a story - one of your wonderous stories”, he says to the girl. So the girl decided to keep it interesting and not boring. “The story”, she said, “is a true story. It is called, ‘The Ghost in You’. Do you believe in magic?” The boy shook his head and said, “No, I don’t believe in magic”. The girl exclaimed, “My story is set in the year 1978”. She then began to build a mystery. SECTION THREE - (Third Couple) Chapter 2 - The Haunted House The house I was inside of was haunted. It was old and run down. There were spider webs in every corner of each room. Zombie backstabbers were following the boy I was with and me. As they approached us closer, we heard them chanting that they were going to kill us. We wondered how we were going to save our lives. The boy insisted he knew the right way out of there.
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