The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl Analysis

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The Haunting of Sunshine Girl is a novel by Paige Mckenzie. The Haunting of Sunshine Girl tells the story of a girl named Sunshine and her friend Nolan. She moves into a new house and ends up going to a new school, but she ends up getting bad feeling everywhere she goes in this new house. She also finds all of her stuff being moved around and hearing a little girl walking around at night, so she decides to recruit Nolan to help her figure out what is going on her house and how they can get rid of it. Then, they figure out that Sunshine has a unique ability to help light ghosts move on and they end up getting rid of both of the ghosts in her house. There are several themes that I thought of while reading this book. The first theme is, it’s a long road, but…show more content…
I know this because in the text it says “Anyway, adopted or not, I’m closer to my mom than any other sixteen-year-old I’ve ever met.” (Mckenzie, 7) Another part of the book that shows their closeness is “And I’m tired because I miss my best friend. Not Ashley and not Nolan, but my mom.” (Mckenzie, 183) This relates to the theme of families may come from different places, but they join together and become closer than anybody else, because even though they might not be related by blood, they are still very close and would do anything for eachother. The Haunting of Sunshine girl by Paige Mckenzie has a lot of self discovering and important themes. The book teaches helps you realize that it’s a long road, but it’s worth it, it’s the friends we meet along the way that help us through the tough times are there with you for your best memories, and families may come from different places, but they join together and become closer than anybody else. In life you come across many problems and tasks you must overcome. Every problem you have to solve teaches you a lesson, whether it is because you did something wrong or right, it teaches you an important lesson. Books give you those lessons without going through the
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