The Hawk In The Rain Poem Analysis

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Edward James Hughes, known as Ted Hughes, was a great poet, dramatist, critic and short story writer. His poetry offers a wide range and variety. His subjects range from animals, landscapes, war to the philosophical and metaphysical queries about the universe. His early childhood in the Calder valley had an everlasting impact on him. The local animals of the valley became his archetypes. They were of tremendous importance to Hughes from the beginning, they were living representative of another world. Hughes’s poetry covers a wide range of variety of animals in a remarkably vivid and startling way. The Crow, the pike, the skylark the Jaguar, the horse, the cat, the hawk and several others figure in his poems. In all his poems, Ted Hughes has very significantly related a particular animal to all other creatures and also to human experiences and human concepts. His early poems ‘The Hawk in the Rain’ and ‘Lupercal’ very well express Man’s relation with the animal world. The originality and vivid description of animals make his poetry unique. Through metaphors and images, Ted Hughes has portrayed the animals very vividly and poetically. In most of his poems, Hughes has indirectly and symbolically depicted the contrast and sometimes the similarity between animals and mankind.…show more content…
According to Alan Bold1, Hughes believes that the strength of animals lies in their instinct and precise function. In an interview with The guardian2, he said, “My poems are not about violence and vitality. Animals are not violent, they are so much more completely controlled than
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