The Hawthorne Anti Transcendentalism Analysis

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This story is mainly about a mysterious man with a veil

on his face. He does not want to take if off his face and let his face show for his

reasons. He is religious and just keeps it to himself. He has a fiance and was about

to get married to his beloved fiance. His fiance’s name was Elizabeth. He was

a shy, quiet person that wouldn't connect with others and they wouldn't either

because of his appearance and how he is. He wouldn't care what people

said about him or the things he would do and didn't do. His fiance and him did

not get married because he didn't want to take off the black veil and want to

reveal himself. So at the end they did not get married and they went there

separate ways. He tried moving on and was depressed
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Hawthorne was considered a dark romanticism rather than aromantic author.

The dark romantics , as they were named, consisted of authors such as

Hawthorne, poe and Melville. They were considered as almost anti-transcendentalists because they were so much different to the world.

However, the work of these dark romantics did actually have much common with

the transcendentalists. Both groups valued intuition over logic and reason. Both

groups saw signs and symbols at different events. It is also connected to the

gothic. This is also a religious story talking about their differences. There are a

number of ways to interpret the relationship between the townspeople and the

minister. The people fear what they do not understand, and attribute any strange

behaviors to madness or a certain evil. The townspeople are just curious

and superstition rather than humanity. Him and his townspeople were religious

to but were different religious. They did their own thing , everyone had different

to do. They were all just religious and went their separate ways.

Mr.Hooper walked into church with that mysterious mask and causes
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He was a singer and actor and loved to write music

and sing too others, he loved his fans. In one of his songs that are connected to ‘’ The

Minister’s Black Veil’’ is related somewhat to. It would talk about their symbols and their

differences. It would also talk about love and how it dies and ended. They both had

some connections and similarities on that song Johnny Cash wrote. He wrote so many

others and will sing them but, no other can compare to this one he wrote relating to this

story. He would talk about that people's sins and how people come and go. I think he was

also religious and had his own religion and did his own thing and wouldn't care what

people thought about him or said . He was also unique and one of a kind like The

Minister’s Black Veil , that was also something common and a similarity. Johnny Cash

would also wear back every time for an outfit. The Minister’s Black Veil would have his

mask on his face and it was also back. Johnny Cash symbolized for wearing black was

to have and show respect for the dead people who have passed. The black color meant

meant something to both. Their stories and what they did in this world still is here and

moves on by

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