Creative Writing: The Headless Rider

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He was about to give it its head when he saw coming toward him, The Headless Rider. The clanking and clucking haunted Dookie 's ear. He knew his life was about to end, so he took action. He pulled out his gun and pointed it at him. He shot one bullet, but the Rider did not budge. Instead, he kept on creeping closer and closer to Dookie. The crunching of leaves and chains clanking, sent chills down his spine. Dookie thought to call someone for help but soon realized how dumb that sounded. No one in their right minds would dare to take a step outside this late at night. He soon snapped back into reality, realizing he was on a horse! He raced off with it to the police station. The sounds of chains started to speed up and get louder behind him.…show more content…
Knocking on all the doors with no one answering, he started to lose hope. He reached the last house on the street, crossed his fingers, and knocked on the door. It was tiny, torn-down, had paint peeling off, and the door barely on its hendges. No one answered so he started walking away, clueless on what to do next. Until he heard the faintest creaking of a door opening. He bolted back to the house, filled with hope, thinking he was safe. At least, that’s what he thought. When the door was fully opened, the owner stepped out onto the moonlight. Dookie was then greeted by the Headless Rider. Dookie stood there motionless while his heart sunk and his feet turned cold. The Rider threw his chain at him knowing he had him in his hands. His thick, cold chain pierced Dookie 's leg causing him to wince in pain. Once Dookie finally understood what was happening, he yanked the chains off himself and made a run for it. The Rider grew angry and threw one of his chains onto the ground. It started chasing Dookie and finally caught hold of him. It slithered up his leg and started to squeeze him. The Rider yanked on it with all his might causing Dookie to fly back. Hitting his head on a tree, he lost consciousness. He regained conscious and hung onto a rock. His leg started to stain and ache since the Rider was pulling so hard. Dookie reached down with one hand and untied the chain around him. This caused the Rider
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