The Headless Rider Short Story

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He was about to give it its head when he saw coming toward him, The Headless Rider. The clanking and clucking haunted Dookie 's ear. He knew his life was about to end, so he took action. He pulled out his gun and pointed it at him. He shot one bullet, but the Rider did not budge. Instead, he kept on creeping closer and closer to Dookie. The crunching of leaves and chains clanking, sent chills down his spine. Dookie thought to call someone for help but soon realized how dumb that sounded. No one in their right minds would dare to take a step outside this late at night. He soon snapped back into reality, realizing he was on a horse! He raced off with it to the police station. The sounds of chains started to speed up and get louder behind him.…show more content…
It was filled with horses sleeping and eating. A brilliant idea clicked into is head that he knew would work. He hopped on a horse 's back and took off. He needed to get away from the town. Cold, hungry, tired, and scared, he reached a hill just ten minutes away from the town. Reaching the top, out of breath, he plopped himself onto the grass with alongside his horse. It was almost morning, so he just needed a place to hide for now. What he didn’t know was that that very same hill he was on, was home to none other the Headless Rider. The sharp sound of metal clanking rang in Dookie 's ear, causing him to bolt up from his slumber. It caused his body to turn cold and lifeless. He sprung up and ran for his horse, but it was nowhere in sight! The thick, black smoke appeared again like an annoying bug. The clanking grew louder and louder, until the smoke revealed his body. He floated toward Dookie with his thick chain, dragging it across the grass. The Rider was about to swing his chain at him but the sunlight poke at behind a rock, hitting the Rider 's back. This caused him to wince in pain and drop to the ground. He vanished into thin air in a second. Dookie had killed the

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