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Paul Feig’s The Heat, starring Sandra Bullock as FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn and Melissa McCarthy as Detective Shannon Mullins, was released in 2013 as an action-comedy film. The movie incorporates humor filled with action as Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy team up to take down a drug lord in the streets of Boston. Within the first few minutes of the movie, the audience is captivated and wants to know what happens next. The audience follows the characters played by Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy flawlessly. The Heat easily captures the audience with its action, humor, and storyline. The Heat receives my recommendation for anyone who is interested in a good action and comedy film. The Heat starts by introducing FBI Special Agent…show more content…
Among the strengths, the most notable include the: good character development, good acting, and good dialogue. The characters of Detective Mullins and Agent Ashburn had effectively grow throughout the movie. Agent Ashburn’s character development is apparent in her working effective with Detective Mullins. At the beginning of the movie, Ashburn is incapable of working effectively with others, but, by the end she is in a team with Detective Mullins. Agent Ashburn’s tendency to follow the rules changes as she works with Detective Mullins this change shows good character development. The acting of Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy made this movie a hilarious buddy-cop film with great chemistry between the two actresses. The dialogue added comedy to the film. The music in the movie effectively portrayed the streets of Boston. The main strength in The Heat is the films comedy and the humors ability to keep the audience captivated. The Heat has many strengths that the audience will enjoy while also having a good flow throughout the…show more content…
While The Heat is a comedy, the overly unrealistic scenes in the movie are a turnoff. Examples of the overly unrealistic scenes in the movie include, when Agent Ashburn and Detective Mullins interrogate criminals, and when the two charge a warehouse with no backup. The movie has choppy scenes that hold no significance for the overall plot. Although the scenes add humor to the overall movie, the scenes seem out of place and do not relate to any other significant event. The other major weakness in the film is an overused trope: “enemies to friends.” The trope is overused, so the audience predicts that Ashburn and Mullins will be a team in the

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