Levitt's Spread Of Globalization

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You have probably heard this phrase a million times before on how we live in a world where everything is changing, but what does it really mean. It means that globalization is something that is fast spreading across the globe. It is basically a way where of standardizing products and make them cheaper and accessible. Where as multinational focus on the needs pf each country and not the bigger picture. Levitt, discusses how the spread of globalization has integrated into our societies and he stresses on the fact is inevitable. Believe that he does this as many people tend to disbelieve in something before they know it, so by writing this paper he is allowing people to know more about which would allow them to accept the idea more. He does this in many ways by using language, comparing and metaphorical language, and using actual evidence. One of the ways that Levitt argues his point is through the use of language. This means that whatever words or phrases that he puts in a sentence he makes sure it leaves an impact on the reader’s mind. The use of words…show more content…
It is easier, to understand and it takes a concept as complex as globalization and make it easier to comprehend when it is compared to something we are not just accustomed to but know. In his article, he compared multinational corporations with global cooperation’s by using a story named the hedgehog and the fox. He simply stated the difference by saying what a fox knew and what a hedgehog knew. But that explanation, the reader could understand the difference between anyhow both of them are different in conducting business and other affairs. By this comparison, he is able to favor globalization by writing "seeks constantly to drive down prices by standardizing”(Levitt,1983), as opposed to multi-national. This quote shows that global markets are more efficient as they make prices lower which is a necessity for the
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