The Help Movie Vs Book

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The Help Some people believe that the movie adaption of a book doesn’t always capture the spirit of the book, but that isn’t always true. Tate Taylor, director of The Help, with the help of powerful performances from the cast does a good job of recreating the book The Help by Kathryn Stockett. The story is set in Mississippi in the early 1960s and is about a young girl who wants a job as a writer and writes a book about the lives of “the help”. The Help is a great book to read, with many ups and downs, unique characters, and leaves the reader wanting more with a cliffhanger ending, and not the cliché happy ending. But despite the similarities, the departure of the movie from the text is quite clear. The book follows Aibeleen Clark, Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan, and Minny Jackson around Jackson, Mississippi. Aibeleen is a maid for the Leefolt family, caring for Mae Mobely, the family’s child, and cleaning and cooking for them. Skeeter is an aspiring writer who gets a job as a writer for a cleaning advice column. Minny is also a maid, but she recently lost her job to the rude Hilly Holbrook and finds a “secret” job working for the troubled Miss Celia Foote. Each chapter is narrated by a different person, so we get to see the lives through each individual’s eyes. Unlike the book, the movie is only…show more content…
Aibeleen had a son who was also an aspiring writer like Skeeter, but, unfortunately, passed away in a work related accident, and Aibeleen had to take months off to recover from his death. Minny talks about her mother teaching her about being a part of the help when she was 14. She talks about how her mother told her not to talk back to the people she works for and other things to keep in mind when working for the white families. Constantine held her daughter up for adoption when she was little because she looked white because she would be in danger if people found out her mother is
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