The Help Character Analysis

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Racial discrimination, sexism and white supremacy is acceptable? In the 1960’s, the town of Jackson, Mississippi seemed to think so. Kathryn Stockett who believed one person could change that, introduced Eugenia Phelan also known as ‘Skeeter’ to us in the novel ‘The Help’. Skeeter is a thought provoking character because she thinks differently to most people in her town. She also believes coloured maids should have a voice and is a character that stands out because of her courage and bravery.

In Skeeter’s mind, racism is wrong, but the people within her town do not agree. The white supremacy in Jackson is a huge problem and only Skeeter realises it. White people in her town like Hilly Holbrook, Elizabeth Leefolt, Stuart Whitford and many more, believe they are better than coloured people and treat them as if they are not even human beings. “Those coloured
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This shows us that Mister Golden believed woman were inferior to men and not worthy of being given a job. Though Skeeter did not let that stop her. Just imagine a man trying to tell you that you are not worthy of something just because you are a woman. Skeeter used courage and bravery in order to get her where she wanted to be. She overcame the idea of sexism and proved Mister Golden wrong by getting the job. This is a way of inspiring readers. Skeeter is a character who passes on her own courage and bravery, making people really think about how they can do that too.

As you can see, being daring, caring for people, and thinking differently to others are three ways that Skeeter becomes a thought-provoking character. ‘The Help’ uses Skeeter as a character whom encourages others to be like her. People need to start doing what they think is right, using bravery within their own lives and being courageous just like
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