Analysis Of The Help By Katheryn Stocket

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The Help by Katheryn Stocket emphasizes the great role of writing and literature in expressing people's struggle. The main character Skeeter always dreams of being a writer. She is greatly concerned with the case of the black maids in 1960s Jackson, Mississippi. However, she never told her mother about this "Sure, I dreamed of having football dates, but my real dream was that one day I would write something that people would actually read." Katheryn Stocket, The Help, P.59 Stockett aims to fight racism and discrimination against black maids and generally the black people by writing this novel. She addresses people's minds and perception. She proves that literature is indeed a tool for fighting racism in our communities and especially…show more content…
She is giving a description of her personality as she was kind and friendly. She also remembers every single detail about her and she is talking here about her physical description: "Constantine wasn't just tall, she was stout. She was also wide in the hips and her knees gave her trouble all the time. […]" Stockett, The Help, P.61 The writer here makes her character use the third person narrative technique in describing her black maid. She is also foreshadowing for the coming incidents. As Skeeter was not so much beautiful, when she was thirteen, one of her brother's friends called her ugly and she cried a lot; as this was very hurtful. Constantine sat next to her and then told her: ""Ever morning, until you dead in the ground, you gone have to make this decision."[…]"You gone have to ask yourself. Am I gone believe what them fools say about me today?""Stockett, The Help, P.63 In the novel, Skeeter is trying to figure out the reason why her black maid suddenly disappeared from her life. Constantine is the one who raised her up and stood up by her side all the way through her college days. So, after Skeeter traces the truth and asked her mother she finds out that she can never thank her for all she's done because she is dead
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