The Help Movie Vs Book

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The movie The Help and the book To Kill a Mockingbird both take place in the south during the mid 1900s, a time of great racial discrimination and cultural hatred. The main characters in both stories, Skeeter and Atticus Finch, each have a cause that they are actively working towards throughout the movie and book respectively, within their small southern town. Both of their goals are to help African Americans escape and overcome the racial prejudice they undergo on a daily basis. Skeeter’s methods are more effective to helping her cause because she actually succeeds in her plan to expose the racial inequities of her town, although, Atticus tries his best and means well, he doesn’t actually win his case defending Tom Robinson, so therefore Skeeter’s methods are more direct and adequate for supporting her purpose. Skeeter’s initial goal, or cause, was to publish a book that exposed the injustices undergone by the house maids, or ‘help’ in her small southern town. In the movie Minny…show more content…
In To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus uses all of the resources and knowledge available to him to help his cause, which was proving Tom Robinson innocent of a crime he did not commit, even though he was an African American. After Atticus presents his case to the jury, they have time to discuss the final verdict, “Judge Taylor was polling the jury: ‘Guilty . . . guilty . . . guilty . . . guilty . . .’” (282). Even though the jury was out for three hours, Atticus still lost the trial in the end. His whole goal, or cause, was to prove Tom Robinson innocent in court but since Tom was proven guilty, Atticus lost the trial and did not fulfil his initial expectations for his cause. Atticus is however, at an unfair disadvantage because despite the effectivity of his methods for helping his cause, there is not a chance for him to win Tom Robinson’s court case, no matter what. Skeeter on the other hand, has a much more achievable goal, causing her methods for reaching this goal much more
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