The Help Reflection

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Taking a stand for one belief can change the world. In the movie “The Help” it is about a group of maids that shows their views on slavery while Skeeter the writer makes their views come to life. Aibileen Clark teaches how to make a stand for something one believes in, how to be strong when one is going through many bad trails, and also gives a piece of her life through the stories and memories that she has. One way that Aibileen Clark teaches us how to make a stand for something one believes in is when she agreed to tell her thoughts to Skeeter. In the movie Skeeter ask Aibileen help to write her book and she wanted to get her views on what Aibileen thought about the laws in the south. When Aibileen finally agreed this changes everything in the movie. One way that it changes is because now Aibileen has a chance to tell people how things really is in the south and not so much of what everyone is presenting it to be. Not only is Aibileen letting people outside of the south know what going on she is also showing the other maids that she work with that they do matter and that telling their story to a writer is a way for them to express how they are being treated and how horrible things was in the south. Aibileen is displaying how to make a stand because a lot of people was looking up to her and by her agreeing to take her views and share them with Skeeter than everyone else followed. Another thing that Aibileen display was how to be string when one is going through many bad
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