The Heming Dynasty: The Achievements Of The Zhou Dynasty

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The Zhou dynasty was founded by King Wen of the Ji family in 1076 B.C, after the Shang dynasty ended. This dynasty had three specific achievements; it had a unique social hierarchy, a standardized spoken language, and an extensive time of reign. The Zhou dynasty’s standardized spoken language was considered a huge advancement in Chinese history and was later used throughout many Chinese dynasties. Language helps bond society together, which may be a contributing factor to the length of the Zhou Dynasty. This spoken language was one of the most well known accomplishments of the Zhou dynasty along with the Mandate of Heaven. The Mandate of Heaven is the belief that Heaven gives the right to rule. It is the idea that Heaven and earth are interconnected and Heaven oversees everything that takes place on Earth. The emperor or ruler believed to be the Son of God and had the right from heaven to rule. However, the Mandate had qualifications. The ruler who was given the right to rule from Heaven had to be moral, ethical, and good. If the ruler didn’t have these characteristics, citizens would rebel in response to bad leadership. A ruler could lose the Mandate by leading in a weak, corrupt or cruel way. A ruler could also lose the Mandate by simply losing support of the people by failing to meet their needs, losing the war, or even by natural disasters happening like floods or earthquakes. If a flood or earthquake were to happen it was seen as a sign from god as an unfit ruler. If a

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