The Hennen's: A Short Story

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The Hennen’s

Have you ever thought you met the laziest people in the world? Well you haven 't...yet. If you want to meet these bums (as my mom calls it) feel free to come to our house sometime (our house is off limits at the moment, due to the laziness of my family).

Hi. I am Haley, and I live in that dump of a house. But, so does my Dad. Paul is a neat freak, so I 'm surprised he hasn 't run away yet. He is 39, so he 's been living in that house for a while, but it started getting messy when I was born.
My dad was an only child, so he was very pampered. But, he 's turned out to be a great athlete, cook, and is pretty good at math. He is also a land surveyor. He likes to exercise, watch TV, and do fun stuff with my sister and I. Once, he took my sister and I bowling. We ate pizza, fries, drank pop, and bowled. Somehow, my sister won… All 3 games! I love him because he supports me when my mom creates
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My mom is the opposite. She has one brother, so she expects me to share. She has a very unusual personality. Melissa loves going on walks, shopping, watching TV, and taking naps. Mom is nice and outgoing. But, she can also be strict and messy. She is an art teacher though, so what do you expect? I don 't have many memories with her that really stand out, but she does a lot of fun things with me. She takes me to piano lessons every Wednesday, drives me to the mall, and takes me to fun events. She hates it when my sister and I don 't listen to her. I 'm the oldest kid in the family. Here are some basic facts about me: I hate skirts, bugs, mold, messes, and violent movies. I like reading, music, art, TV, and cats. I play the cello, piano, and I 'm joining band soon. I love little kids (under the age of 4). My mom sends me to my old daycare place in the morning, because she thinks I 'm going to leave the lights on and burn the house down, so I see a lot of little kids. As you can tell, I 'm very awesome, creative,
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