Hero Cycle In Ender's Game

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The Hero Cycle brings order to the necessary journey of a hero, whether it may be the many unorthodox versions of a hero. The cycle contains elements that follows a primary figure in Orson Scottcard’s science fiction novel, Ender’s Game, named Andrew “Ender” Wiggin, who is six in the beginning of the novel; he deals with the repercussions of being a third child, a forbidden stigma. When earth is once again threatened by the buggers, an alien species that have previously been defeated by Mazer Rackham during the first and second invasions, Colonel Graff of the International Fleet (a government organization established to protect Earth from the buggers) recruits Ender in hopes that he really is the key to success that the I.F. has always anticipated, but he must leave his parents and older siblings, Peter and Valentine. He faces many ordeals while in Battle School and Command School, like the many computer simulations, battles in null gravity, and the isolation placed on him by the school administrators. After Ender unknowingly commands real ships to defeat the Buggers through the computer simulation, Peter becomes hegemon leader on earth; Valentine colonizes the bugger world to escape Peter’s power and Ender does so to learn about the buggers past, and he takes on the pseudonym, Speaker for the Dead to share accurate…show more content…
First, he demonstrates courage when he accepts his call to action by leaving his family. Next, he withdraws from his mundane life and conquers the angst of the unknown. Finally, he restores order for humanity and the buggers. In spite of the fact that Ender is an orthodox type of hero that follows the hero cycle to successfully save the world from a supposed alien invasion, which is later revealed to be an unnecessary attack on the buggers, he proves to be a hero that performs the noble deed of sacrificing his childhood, for he does everything for the greater
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