The Hero In John Hinton's The Outsiders

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What makes a hero? Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.. Heroes can be big, small, loud, quiet it doesn’t matter. Heroes are helpful and it doesn’t have to be to a lot of people, you can be a hero to only one person, like in the book The Outsiders Dally was Johnny’s hero. In the book The Outsiders, even though it says that Dally is Johnny’s hero I think the actual hero in the book is Johnny. Johnny is brave, kind, bright, happy even though things in life aren’t the greatest for him all the time. One way Johnny shows he is a hero is when their was a fire and Ponyboy jumped out of the car, Johnny ran after him so Ponyboy wouldn’t get hurt. Then when things started getting worse Ponyboy jumped out of the window, Johnny stayed to help get the rest of the kids out even with the risk of hurting himself. Another reason is the fact that he still lives at home even though his dad is abusive, and his mom doesn’t care. He could leave anytime he wanted but he doesn’t he stays there with his family even when he is harming himself. Also when Ponyboy and Johnny were at the park, then Bob showed up. Bob and his friends were drowning Ponyboy in the fountain, and Johnny was hurt he got right back up to help his friend. Johnny was terrified and didn’t…show more content…
Johnny is the kindest, brightest, coolest out of everyone in the book The Outsiders. It even says in the book that Johnny kept the group together, and stopped everyone from fighting all the time. So basically they were together because of Johnny being there, and when he died none of them would be fine on their own so he kept them together by his death too. Johnny should’ve been sad, alone, scared because his parents weren’t the best. But he didn’t give in to their hate, he was almost always happy. Johnny only wanted the best for everyone even if it doesn’t say it, just by reading it you can tell he was definitely a
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