The Hero In John Updike's A + P

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A teenage boy working at a local store turns against his boss. For this reason, he felt like the girls that came into the store shouldn 't be judged for what they wear. He quits his job while upholding them. However, Sammy was a hero, but wasn 't appreciated. In the beginning of the story "A+P," by Updike, the character, Sammy, was an complex character. However, he believe it 's wrong for the girls to walk in the store inappropriately dressed. Later, he feels sorry because he felt like he and Lengel judged them. Lengel, the store manager, felt like it was disrespectful to him and the public shoppers for the girls to show cleavage. Sammy, feeling sorry, quits his job. Lengel wasn 't chastising the girls for the way they were
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