Giza Conspiracy Movie Summary

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The film starts when the news reporter reveals the news that the Pyramid of Giza has been stolen. When Gru hears about the news, he was enthusiastic and he decided to do something much bigger than the Pyramid of Giza. He was planning the biggest heist in the history which is to steal the moon. Gru tries to get a loan from the Bank of Evil to proceed with the plan but the president of the bank, Mr.Perkins did not grant the loan until Gru steals the shrink ray from the Top Secret Research Facility in East Asia. Moreover, Mr. Perkins added that Gru was too old and new supervillain like Vector is better, and Mr. Perkins revealed that Vector is the one who stole the Pyramid of Giza. Gru and the minions managed to steal the shrink ray from the top…show more content…
Nefario asked Gru to make up his mind whether to go along with the plan or to have the girls with them because Dr. Nefario thinks that the girls are a major distraction since the ballet recital and the optimal position for the heist is on the same day. Dr. Nefario contacts Miss Hattie to fetch the girls back to the orphanage without Gru’s consent. Gru, the girls and the minions were upset. Gru proceeds with his plans. After making it to the moon, he uses the shrink ray and shrinks the moon and pockets it. Then he realised that he could make it to the dance recital so he rushes back. When he was at the dance studio, he realised that he was too late. Gru finds a ransom note from Vector demanding the moon in an exchange for the girls. After handing over the moon, Vector decides to keep the moon and the girls. It enrages Gru as Vector escapes with the girls and the moon in this escape pod. Gru holds on to the exterior of the pod to get the girls and falls to his death, fortunately he was saved by Dr.Nefario who was piloting Gru’s ship that was shrunk before by Vector. Dr.Nefario reveals that the bigger the object, the quicker the effects of the shrink ray wear off. The moon grew bigger and starts to roll all over in Vector’s ship hurting him and freeing the girls. Later, the girls see Gru outside of the ship asking the girls to jump to him. Edith and Agnes made it but as Margo was about to jump, Vector caught her. The moon rolls over again and knocks Vector down, and Margo grabs onto Gru’s grappling hook. Gru rescued Margo with the help of the minions and the rapidly-expanding moon wrecks Vector's controls, causing his ship to carry it back to
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