The Hero In The Novel The Outsider's Hero

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The Outsider’s Main Hero “A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.” (Bob Dylan). The novel The Outsiders has many heroic roles. My definition of hero is not like the traditional hero. A hero is a person who is mentally and physically strong, loving, and puts someone else’s life before theirs. Darrel Curtis meets all that criteria. He is a true hero in the novel The Outsiders. Darry is the oldest brother of both of his other two siblings, Ponyboy Curtis, and Sodapop Curtis. He is twenty years of age. His parents departed him and his brother’s life at a young age because of a car crash. Darrel is raising Ponyboy and is more like a father figure than a brother. Darrel decided quit school to get two jobs and hold the family together. His relationship with Ponyboy is tough love. Sometimes there tension in their household. He remains his sanity while having much responsibility. Though Darry is strong he finds it hard sometimes because he misses his mom and dad. Darry is a hero. He is courageous and not afraid to say what’s on his mind. One main reason Darry is a hero is because of all the responsibility he has for his brother’s life. He has made sacrifices to care for his family. For example he gave up his football scholarship to stay home. He believes that if he…show more content…
Darry often was tough on Ponyboy, on page 15, “you don’t ever think”. His toughness was justifiable. He sheltered Ponyboy and protected from the cruel realities and trials in life. I believe Darry’s sacrifices gave Ponyboy an opportunity to dream and be different. He made sure Pony did well I school and was home at a decent time. Pony struggled to understand why Darry was so mean to him but, it was mostly because Darry saw potential in him. When Pony realizes Darry’s love for him Darry begins to soften up. Darry gave his brothers a good life. Darry is a little more hero than anyone else in The
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