The Hero Of Movement In Raja Rao's Kanthapura

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“Gandhi was like a powerful current of fresh air......Like a beam of light that pierced the darkness and removed the scales from our eyes; like a whirlwind that upset many things, but most of all the working of people’s minds” Mahatma Gandhi during freedom struggle time wielded a great influence on the Indian masses. And his struggle for freedom introduced some new trends in Anglo¬Indian fiction, and some great writers of all the Indian language produced some masterpiece in novel, poetry, drama and other forms of creative writing. Raja Rao was most celebrated novelist of India in 1930s and 1940s. He had depicted his novels through the usage of Gandhian theme. Kanthapura is best example of how Gandhian ideologies nfluenced in Indian writing in English. An Epic is a long narrative poem telling of heroic acts, the birth and death of a hero or of nation’s etc.Kanthapura is also an epic. Kanthapura is a tell of the impact that Gandhi had on the nation. He converted the whole nation into an army of freedom fighters. Gandhi was no less than the hero of an epic. The freedom struggle of India was an epic struggle. Thousands of people sacrificed their lives. It was remains in the background through the novel; Gandhi is no doubt the hero of movement on a small village called Kanthapura. By reading the novel one get idea about the methods and principle of Gandhi. Moorthy and the others freedom fighters of Kanthapura are followers of Gandhi and use Gandhian methods in their struggle

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