The Hero Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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A hero is a person who is not out to destroy the enemy but to save their brothers from impending doom. It’s not about how many lives they save, it’s their motive and attitude in doing so. If somebody saves lives or only annihilates lives to be worshiped then their motive is prideful. A hero should not be prideful, because a prideful man is a blinded man. Henry Ward Beecher states, “A prideful man is seldom a grateful man, for he never thinks he gets as much as he deserves.” Odysseus’s whole reason to keep going is to make it back to his family, but through the 10 years he proves to the reader that he is a braggart and is prideful in his winnings. Odysseus is not a hero for he lets his pride blind his judgment ending in death all around him. Page 996 stanza 456, “I would not heed them in my glorying spirit but let my anger flare.” (Homer 445). Odysseus is telling the king of Phaeacian that after the destruction of the cyclops eye he was on his ship leaving. He called back to cyclops baiting him out of prideful anger. His men aboard the ship told him to…show more content…
As stated in the last paragraph, Odysseus is taken home to Ithaca. Upon arrival he meets his son who asks him, “Dear father! Tell me what kind of vessel put you here ashore on Ithaca? Your sailors, who were they? I doubt you made it, walking on the sea!” (Homer 1068). Telemachus, Odysseus 's’ son asks who were your sailor 's father, who were they. In reply Odysseus states, “Only plain truth shall I tell you, child. Great seafarers, the Phaeacians, gave me passage over the open ocean, while I slept,” (Homer 1073). Not answering the boys question of where are your men. He goes on telling about the riches he was given by the Phaeacians never even mentioning his brothers in war. He hides his past from his son, ignores his questions, and pushes onto a whole other subject without Telemachus’s consent. A true hero would not fear telling the truth to the people they love because anyone worth loving will forgive your
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