Character Analysis: Iron Man

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The much-awaited third installment of Marvel Comics’ highly successful film franchise Iron Man started showing in theaters last Wednesday. It has been two years since the second installment, and I’m sure a lot of movie goers queued the box office that day. I remember growing up reading and being such a fan of Marvel Comics and its superheroes like the X-Men, Spiderman, and also of DC Comics’ Batman and Superman. But I was never a fan of Iron Man, he wasn’t that “cool” enough for me. Maybe it’s because I never considered him to be a “superhero,” since he only relied on his own technology and invention. Unlike the X-Men or Superman, Iron Man doesn’t inherently possess supernatural powers. After all, he’s still human even in his hi-tech metal…show more content…
Before he became what we know now as the benevolent superhero, Tony lived a life of extravagance, was notorious for his numerous dalliances with women, and also his recurring problems with alcohol. Modesty also seems to be missing in Tony Stark’s list of virtues, if indeed he has one. In short, Tony Stark, like most of Marvel Comics’ superheroes, is flawed and morally challenged. These qualities and descriptions of this interesting character were effectively portrayed in the movie by Robert Downey, Jr., especially in the first installment back in 2008. In that movie we were introduced to the original comic book story which was remarkably unaltered, although there were some minor changes that didn’t affect the…show more content…
He now knows what he is going to do with his wealth, talent and ingenuity. When he comes back to his lab, he improves his metal armor using state-of-the-art technology, which he will use to help people and fight crime like only a superhero can do. Soon the world sees this looming figure flying with jet boots, fighting bad guys in an incredible armor built with missile launchers, flamethrowers, pulse beams, repulsor rays, etc. More importantly, he changes his hedonistic ways and becomes altruistic. That is, as we all know, the genesis of the Invincible Iron Man. I come to think about it, all of this wouldn’t have been possible had Tony not witnessed someone sacrifice his own life so that he himself might live. What Yinsen showed is an illustration of what Jesus spoke of in the Apostle John’s

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