City Of Bones Character Analysis

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Abstract: In recent young adult urban fantasy literature, the heroic character and the heroic journey have become one of the most important elements, as supernatural and futuristic elements allow exploration of all kinds of traits and decisions that create the idealized state which heroes represent. Frequently, the protagonist is unwilling to be a champion, or is of low or timid origin. Though events are mostly beyond their control, the protagonists are thrust into points of huge importance where their caliber is proved in a number of divine and physical challenges. The several tasks presented throughout the hero’s journey transform the characters into heroes. Simon, one of the protagonists of The Mortal Instruments is originally introduced…show more content…
He is then rescued by Clary and her friends where Simon bites Raphael Santhiago, a vampire to save himself. Though he is rescued, he already tasted the vampire blood. Simon constantly feels sick and soon came to the conclusion that he might be changing into a vampire. In City of Ashes, Simon goes to the Hotel Dumort and was bitten and nearly killed by the vampires’ clan, but was saved by their leader Raphael. He took the nearly dead Simon to the Institute and passed to Clary, Jace, and Isabelle the option to either let Simon die or have him resurrected as a vampire. Clary decides to bury him in a Jewish cemetery and let him rise as a vampire. He dies and with the help of Raphael, revives as a fledgling vampire. He enters the magical world by becoming a…show more content…
Simon, Magnus and the others summoned Azazel who says that he could free Jace from Sebastian if they were willing to free him into the world. They banished him briefly and acknowledged that this cannot be done. When they called Azazel again to tell him that they wouldn't help him, Simon accidentally slipped inside the pentagram, and Azazel framed to kill him when Simon showed him his Mark of Cain. Azazel admitted that he couldn't harm him and vanished.
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