The Heroine Of 1812 Gender Analysis

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Throughout the history of the human race, women have been chastised, degraded and completely controlled by their male counterparts. Women have been oppressed and controlled without any room for retaliation. Whether it is an over-bearing father or an abusive husband, women had barely any say in what happened to them. They were housewives and child-bearers first and human beings second. In the play “The Heroine of 1812”, by Sarah Anne Curzon is a play that marvellously relates the story of Laura Secord. Laura, a women who lives in era where men are the dominate species and are considered breadwinners and females are caregivers. Curzon relates the bravery of Mrs. Secord and the obstacles she faces as a female living in the 1800`s. Often females…show more content…
Secord is on her way to communicate the message she passes by an old friend's house and explains her situation. Mrs. Secord is quickly admonished and compared to the opposite gender. “The woods! And are you crazed? You cannot go!.....A man could scarce get through, how shall you?” (Curzon 22). The stigma that is associated with females in the 1800`s are still present in the 20th century. Gender bias is evident in the Canadian society; an excellent depiction would be the “glass-ceiling”. This metaphor refers to the invisible barrier that prevents females from getting better jobs, increase pay grade and better opportunities. This is why females are paid 33 cents less for every dollar a man makes, even if they are both equally qualified. When Mrs. Secord finally reaches her destination, she is given thanks for the courageous deed; however the language used to acknowledge her, is prejudice and demeaning to females. “A bold, courageous deed! A very women, too, tender and timid” (Curzon 31). This would be an example of John Gumperz difference theory, which describes the impact gender has on language. For instance the language used to describe Mrs. Secord would have never been used if it was a male individual who did the same
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