The Heroism Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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When most people think of heroes they think of figures who have super strength and wear capes. Although Odysseus does not do either of these things, he still shows heroism through his qualities and accomplishments. Throughout his journey, his heroic nature is shown as he handles situations using his intelligence and leadership. Odysseus commonly uses his clever mind to think on his feet and come up with well rounded solutions to his problems. When his crew is approaching the home of the sirens, he decides to take beeswax and “lay it thick upon [the men’s] ears” (Homer.) Readers understand that Odysseus’ quick thinking protects the people on the ship from answering to the siren’s song. Sometimes heroes get themselves into sticky situations, but they always know how to undo the…show more content…
His impeccable leadership skills are yet another demonstration of the hero in Odysseus. Odysseus shows his men loyalty in return for the same. When Circe turns Odysseus’ men “into swine” (Homer), he agrees to stay with her for one year after she returns them to their human bodies. Odysseus acts as a hero yet again to his people by doing whatever it takes to free them. He sacrifices a whole year, in which he could be returning home, in order to get them back. Instead of letting his men stay with lotus eaters, he carries them “wailing, to the ships” (Homer.) The three men want to stay with the Lotus’ forever after eating the plant, but Odysseus knows that is not true and restores their hope of going home. Odysseus is not only a friend to his shipmates, but he is a hero. His intelligence and leadership aids him when he saves them time and time again. Even without a long, flowing cape and large muscles, Odysseus is a perfect
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