The Hero's Depiction In The Epic Of Beowulf

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Beowulf is the epic tale of Beowulf, the strongest of the Geats and the slayer of monsters, and of his adventures seeking Glory. The tale that had been told for generations by scops has met the silver screen as an animated film. The movie, although it retains a significant number of themes from the original tale, takes some drastic liberties with character behaviour, interaction, and the driving force behind the story. The depiction of our glory-seeking hero Beowulf remains fairly faithful to his depiction in the poem, although there are a few differences. Beowulf was recognized as the “strongest of the Geats” and an incomparable warrior whom none could surpass. What he is most noted for is how important he finds glory to be. When he requests to fight Grendel for Hrothgar he states he will fight without a sword, as Grendel fears none and fights using his claws. Beowulf fears that if he points his sword to a creature that uses none would be disgraceful and will not bring glory. “But Beowulf longed only for fame, leaped back into battle” line 486, this shows that even as Beowulf is faced with a fight that may be his last, his need for glory…show more content…
”No female no matter how fierce, could have come with a man’s strength, fought with the power and courage men fight with” lines 401-402. Originally she is depicted as a vengeful beast with incredible violence and tenacity for revenge, but is made to be a beautiful seductress contrasting with her original depiction. Beowulf was an infallible warrior who had sought glory for his entire life, but the movie depicted him with a weakness.He was given a flaw that most humans these day shares; the temptations of the body. He was depicted with the weakness for women which contrasts how he is the strongest and without fault. Not only has the personalities of the characters changed, how they are each connected and their relationships had
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