The Hero's Journey: A Short Story

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In the beginning there was only a path that was traveled by many, each from a different place. There were different Gods from other worlds and some were just there for the endless ride. Our god named Silas didn’t own a world yet because he had seen that they were hard work, but he knew he would eventually have to create one to live up to everyone 's expectations. One day he was traveling the path and came across a human, her name was December and she was from another land. They decided to walk together. The earth 's god shortly fell deeply in love with her. The Father of the Gods caught wind of this monstrosity and put it to an end, but not before they had children. Silas named his firstborn son after his father. They had twins, a girl and…show more content…
Silas created almost everything, including the seas and the rocks but his beloved was the one who started sprouting out life, such as flowers, grass, and the trees. He then put his four kids in charge of taking care of the earth and making sure to fill it up with humans in the image of their mother. The Mother was given the job as the protector of humans with a loving and protective personality, The Father was given the task of providing for all humans with a smart and keen personality. The Aunt was given the task of guiding the humans with a kind, understanding personality, and the youngest, The Uncle was the trouble on earth and acted out every chance he…show more content…
He missed his mother, after all he had the shortest amount of time with her and he was jealous. He despised his grandfather, and eventually killed him creating the stars, sun, moon, sky, and clouds out of his body.
Silas created Days, Months, and Years so he could keep track of how everything was going with his true love. As it got closer to the date of her death, it go colder and nature would lash out and Silas would cry creating rain and snow. So the children named the last month, the month she died in, after her. All the months’ names came after December’s. They were named after the effects of her tantrums.
When a new year would start the tantrums would gradually go away and disappear but would shortly reappear. They were a reminder that she was still there and she could still feel. It was a sign to humans that they shouldn’t take their life and their loved ones for granted. She is still buried in the core of the earth, watching her children and the humans that take after her and her gentle
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