The Hero's Journey By Joseph Campbell

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Joseph Campbell, who studied in ancient mythology, created the theory that every story is based on one cycle. Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey shows all of the stages in a storyline I could and most likely will go through. All things that I could experience will fit into one of the stages. My life as a whole will experience most, if not all of these steps and would repeat different parts multiple times. This is why even one small part of my life could be categorized in Joseph Campbell 's Hero 's Journey. I am on my own journey, or you could say my own “Hero’s Journey.” My life imitates Joseph Campbell’s Hero 's Journey very well because I 've had to step out of my ordinary world, I 've been called to “adventure” and “refused the call”, and most certainly I have had some rewards and I 'm still on the “road back.” My journey through what I went through started in my ordinary world. This was when I was in kindergarten and years…show more content…
Tests and allies had come and it was hard. I still didn 't have many friends at school. Getting along with my classmates was something I still struggled with. In class I definitely wasn 't my teachers favorite student. I may have not been the best student but I still tried to improve and I started working better at it. Eventually things resolved and my parents got back together but it was still pretty bad. At least by this point they were together I we all lived together. They still argued all of this time, but for me this was better than before. My road back continues onto now. My parents still fight over little things. Not nearly as much as they used to though. The road back is still in progress along with my “Hero 's Journey.” Throughout this whole time all of my experiences fell into place on the cycle of the “Hero 's Journey.” Mine will continue on until the day I die and so will anybody else 's. In this part of my life I am on my “road back.” Who knows where every other piece of my life is in this cycled theory.
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