The Heros Journey: Character Analysis Of The Hero's Journey

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Richard Mayhew starts off his journey as an average person. In the aspect of the Hero’s Journey, Richard Mayhew is an example of the “reluctant hero”. He at first wants no part of London Below but as he is a good-natured person, he could not just leave her to die. Who is her? He starts his quest only after he realizes he has no other choice, it was the only way to get his life back. Door acts as Richard’s Herald, due to her showing up injured in front of Richard. His adventure starts. when she accidentally sucked him into London Below. After the Ordeal, Richard becomes more accustomed to his new world and his character and demeanor start to change as he overcomes challenges. Richard starts as an “average joe”, he has a regular job, regular relationship and a regular life. When he finds Door and helps her, it opens the door to London Below, causing Richard to slip between the cracks and essentially lose what life he had. This serves as Richards motivation to enter London Below and find Door to begin his journey as the hero. Throughout his journey Richard has a hard time adjusting to the dangers and abnormalities of London Below, but as time goes on he becomes bolder and less afraid of everything around him. His character develops through the hardships he and Door face as they search for Islington. Normally you use last names when talking about someone. The Marquis De Carabas during the adventure serves as the trickster or mentor arch type in Richards adventure. He uses
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