The Hero's Journey In Star Wars: A New Hope

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The hero’s journey describes the pattern of a story that is seen in myths, drama, fantasy and others. It includes specific archetypes that create that pattern . Without the majority of these archetypes, the story could not be defined as thus. Star Wars: A New Hope is a classic example of the hero’s journey. Luke is the hero, while the others play essential archetypal characters. One of the most important is Princess Leia. She first plays the vulnerable damsel in distress, but she quickly changes into a powerful character. She soon becomes the goddess for Luke and the temptress for Han Solo. Princess Leia plays three vital archetypes throughout the journey, the damsel in distress, the goddess and the temptress.
Princess Leia displays the first archetype, damsel in distress, in the beginning of the movie. The damsel in distress is displayed as the vulnerable woman who must be rescued by the hero. She portrays this archetype when she is captured and is hidden inside the Death Star. Luke is taken into the Death Star on the Millennium
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After Luke saves her, he starts to view her as more of a goddess than a person. He becomes entranced with her and puts her on a pedestal, as opposed to how Han sees her. Han is attracted to her from the beginning, which makes her the temptress to him. After they first meet he says, “Wonderful girl! Either I'm going to kill her or I'm beginning to like her.”(Star Wars: A New Hope). Han Solo is physically attracted to Princess Leia, while Luke views her on a different level. Princess Leia displays both archetypes.
Princess Leia takes the role of three different archetypes in Star Wars. She first appears as a damsel in distress and then transitions into a goddess for Luke and the temptress for Han Solo. Leia plays an important part in the movie. She acts as three different archetypes that are major parts to the classic hero’s
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